About MatesRates

We love travelling in Australia. But like so many travellers we got fed up with all the hassle when it came to renting cars. And we hated it if we discovered we'd paid any more than necessary.

We wanted a fair deal for travellers. And that's why we set up this website.

Jeremy Templer and Mark Sceats are the business partners behind MatesRates. Over the years each has travelled extensively and booked their share of rental vehicles.

In addition to being an avid traveller, Mark worked for over 15 years in the travel industry where he had a range of operational, sales and marketing roles.

In more recent times, the digital marketing consultancy Jeremy and Mark run has provided services for a range of international and domestic car rental firms.

This means we know both sides of the coin when it comes to car rental. We understand what it's like for car rental companies. And, most importantly, we know what it's like to be a customer. 

Jeremy Templer


Mark Sceats


We'll bet - just like us - you don't like paying any more than you need to when you rent a car.

But you probably also want to be confident that a cheap deal you've booked online doesn't turn out to be an unreliable tired wreck from some dubious backyard operator...

If you don't like paying more than you need to and value matters, then this website is for you.

There’s no shortage of Australian hire car websites. But checking them out one after the other to find the best car rental deal can be a tedious and frustrating exercise that wastes your precious time.

MatesRates Car Hire is the answer. We are a car rental comparison website that makes it quick and easy to find the right rental car for you — and for the best price.

With just a single search you can quickly and easily compare the best offers from a wide range of internationally-known car hire brands plus local car rental companies at over 400 locations throughout Australia.

When you make a booking through MatesRates you get the lowest prices going. In addition, we don't hit you with credit card charges or booking fees on top of the quoted rates.

If you're visiting New Zealand check out our NZ website www.MatesRatesCarHire.co.nz for cheap car hire.

Been There. Done That!

Mark knows from bitter first-hand experience what it's like to hire a car from a dodgy low-cost rental firm.

Many years ago he made that mistake in Brisbane. On arrival at the airport, he booked a cheap car over the phone from a local off-airport car rental firm he'd never heard of before.

It was a mistake that, on reflection should have been obvious, given the sorry state of the vehicle that eventually turned up for the “short” transfer to the depot. 

The depot was, in fact, miles from the airport in some dubious run-down industrial area. And the car waiting for them was a clapped-out ageing Mitsubishi that would have been more at home in a wreckers yard. Time and budget were tight, so the next mistake he made was not walking away from a “cheap” car that ended up costing a lot of grief and an almost spoilt family holiday.

Let’s say his wife and kids were not impressed!

(Jeremy won't admit to having any similar war stories.)

MatesRates is a division of Ampersand Marketing Ltd. 

Company number: 5460101; NZBN: 9429041414101; GST: 114-974-331