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Cheap Car Hire Perth Airport

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Compare the best Perth Airport car rental deals from over 14 rental brands. Avis, Hertz, Budget, Thrifty, Europcar, Enterprise, National, Dollar, Apex and more.

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* Some rental car suppliers may charge a credit card fee for amounts payable on arrival.

4WD rental

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Car Hire Options at Perth Airport

Perth Airport is approximately 18 kilometres from the CBD, and by picking up your rental car at the airport you’ll save yourself a $40-$50 taxi ride each way. Whether you’re after a zippy little runabout or something with a bit more power to conquer longer distances, there’s a big choice of car hire operators at Perth Airport offering a wide range of hire cars. Both big names and budget brands are here — so whether you prefer to travel in style or save your money for attractions and activities, the choice is yours.

There are over 15 car hire brands at Perth Airport competing for your business. If you want to find the best deal that’s a lot of websites to check out...

To make things easy, our car rental comparison search engine hunts down the very best offers available from all car rental suppliers and lists them side-by-side for you. This lets you instantly compare and find the best deals.

Perth Airport has an international terminal and three domestic terminals. Car hire counters can be found on the ground floors of all four terminals, and “on-airport” rental companies include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, Keddy, National, SIXT, and Thrifty. The pickup and drop off points are close by, and staff will point you in the right direction once you’re ready to pick up your hire car and hit the road. 

Other rental operators — Apex, Ace, and No Birds — are “off-airport”. They are located close to the airport and will transfer you between the terminal and their depot. Although this isn’t as convenient, it is often the cheaper way to rent a car from the airport.

When you collect your car make sure you have your booking confirmation voucher, a valid driver’s licence for each of the drivers, a credit card or cash for the bond and suitable ID.

If you return with your car and the depot is closed, you can drop your keys off in the drop-off boxes situated on the rental car counters.

On-Airport Rental Brands

“On-airport” means these rental companies have check-in desks within the Perth Airport terminal.

The big advantage of this for you is convenience and speed. Once you’ve checked in you can jump in your car and get going. No waiting around for transfer vans.

But it does come at a cost. The fees are higher than off-airport rental companies to offset the costs of being at Perth Airport.

If you’re arriving on an international flight you’ll find rental counters in the T1 international terminal at the far end of the arrivals hall near the baggage claim area.

Travellers on domestic flights will find counters are located opposite the baggage claim areas in the domestic terminal T2 and within the baggage claim areas in T4.

Use our price comparison search tool to find the best prices for these on-airport car hire brands at Perth Airport:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Europcar
  • Keddy
  • Enterprise
  • SIXT
  • Hertz
  • Dollar
  • Thrifty
  • Alamo
  • National

Off-Airport Rental Brands

“Off-airport” companies don’t have check-in desks within Perth Airport. This means you’ll need to make your way to their car hire depot to check in and collect your car.

Most provide free shuttle services and will collect you from the terminals. This gets arranged when you make your booking and you’ll need to let them know when you’ve arrived.

Some depots are within the airport grounds and so only a few minutes drive. Others are off the airport grounds and so take longer to get to.

Off-airport car rental companies aren’t as fast or convenient as using on-airport car rentals. But the big advantage is they are usually much cheaper.

Use our price comparison search tool to find the best prices for these off-airport car hire brands at Perth Airport:

  • Ace
  • Apex
  • No Birds

Maximum Choice. Best Deals.

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  • And if you're finding it difficult to decide, check out the customer ratings to hear from those who've been there and done that.

Perth Airport Car Hire Tips

Ways to save money on Perth Airport car hire

Compare prices of on-airport and off-airport brands. If you're not in a big rush, hiring a vehicle from off-airport car hire depots can result in big savings.

But you will have to take extra time with the shuttle transfer. Transfers are usually free, but limited to opening hours, so check when you book.

Don’t hire a bigger rental car than you require and consider if you really need all the extras you’ll be offered, such as a GPS. Google Maps on your phone will normally do the trick, provided phone data charges aren’t an issue.

With lengthy distances and long travel times between major cities, petrol stops are likely to be frequent. Fuel prices can vary widely from place to the next, so if you want to spend less at the pump use a mobile app like MotorMouth to find the best prices.

Driving in Perth

Driving in Perth tends to be reasonably low-stress even in the CBD, as long as you avoid the main arterial roads during peak traffic times — 7am to 10am, and 4pm to 6pm.  Parking should not be an issue, with plentiful free and paid options in the city.

Once you leave Perth, make sure you refuel regularly, as there can be long distances between petrol stations. Ensure you have plenty of food and water with you when travelling in isolated areas and watch out, too, for wildlife (such as kangaroos) that can stray onto roads. Take frequent breaks, and rotate drivers if you have added an additional driver to your car hire agreement.

In Australia, you’ll need to drive on the left-hand side — if you’re not already used to it, you might find it difficult to adjust. Unless otherwise signposted, the speed limit in urban and suburban areas is 50km/h, and on highways the default limit is 100km/h. When driving your hire car, all occupants must wear seatbelts or an approved child restraint (a child safety seat or booster seat depending on the child’s size).

Unlike states like Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, there are no toll roads in Western Australia. However, if you are travelling interstate you should check with your hire car provider to make sure your car has an e-Tag for automatic toll payment.

Return with a full tank

A good money-saving tip is to always return your hire car with a full tank. The high costs charged for post-dropoff fuel refills by rental companies definitely outweigh the five minutes you’ll spend at the petrol station. Here’s a Google Map showing locations of petrol stations near Perth Airport — the closest petrol stations to the airport are Vortex on High Wycombe (just seven minutes away) and Shell Coles Express Kewdale at the junction of Abernethy Rd and Kewdale Rd.

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Perth Attractions

View of downtown Perth, Australia, at sunset

Full of opportunity and variety, Perth’s reputation continues to grow. Located where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean, it’s Australia’s sunniest capital city and an up-and-coming centre that mixes hip urban hangouts with rugged natural beauty. Organise car hire for your trip to Perth, and you’ll be able to experience both. There’s plenty to love within the city limits, but it’s when you venture further afield and clock up some mileage on your rental car that you really begin to appreciate all Perth has to offer.


Fremantle’s South Mole lighthouse at sunset

Located an easy 30-minute drive from central Perth, Fremantle Harbour oozes character and old-world charm. There’s a range of historic remnants to discover and explore and a wide range of craft beers to sample.

Fremantle is home to the headquarters of world-famous brewery Little Creatures, and there are over 40 tap beers to try at the historic Sail & Anchor bar. It’s the perfect place to round off a tour of the area’s colonial landmarks, which include Fremantle Prison (one of the most notorious institutions in the former British Empire) and the Arts Centre (built by convict settlers from locally quarried limestone). The buildings are remarkably well-preserved and tell a detailed story of the area’s origins as a prison settlement.

If you’re more interested in what’s going on here and now, Fremantle’s got a range of great sea views, excellent cafés and restaurants, and a vibrant live music scene. It’s a fabulous place to explore and discover — so jump in your rental car and see what you can find!

Rottnest Island

Feeding a Quokka on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is home to the happy Quokka

Rottnest Island may be just 19 kilometres away from Perth but the experiences on offer there are truly otherworldly. While the island itself is car-free, it’s an easy drive to the ferry terminal by rental car and an even easier ride over the waves where over 60 beaches await in a Meditteranean-like climate.

Rottnest Island is home to the quokka, a species of marsupial found only in Western Australia that’s got something of a cult following owing to its utter adorability. Quokkas have been billed as ‘the happiest looking animal in the world’, and once you get up close to one you’ll quickly see why!

Once you’ve got your dose of wildlife on land, there’s plenty to see in the sea. With coral reefs to snorkel, shipwreck sites to dive, waves to surf and fish to catch, there’s an underwater playground just waiting to be explored. The beaches have been repeatedly named among the best in the world, and many of them are secluded so you might even manage to grab some privacy as a tourist, which really is a fantastic feeling! The most famous beaches on the island are The Basin, Little Parakeet Bay, Little Salmon Bay, Thomson Bay and Geordie Bay. The Basin is close to the main settlement and fantastic for beginner snorkellers, while Thomson Bay has a roped-off area for swimming (which makes it particularly popular with young families).

Most people prefer to get around the island by cycling, and there are over 1,300 bikes available for rent including electric powered options – so while you’re restricted by not being able to bring your rental car for the day, there’s plenty of two-wheeled options to choose from in the meantime.

Swan Valley

Grapes at a Swan Valley vineyard.

Grapes growing at a Swan Valley vineyard

Enter the wonderful world of wine in the Swan Valley, with 40 vineyards at your fingertips just 25 minutes’ drive from the CBD. Make sure to leave some room in your rental car before you set off, because you’re certain to bring back a few bottles if you’re any sort of wine lover!

Swan Valley is Western Australia’s oldest wine region, and the backdrop for many lively events. It pays to check what’s on when you’re planning your itinerary because you won’t find many better backdrops to a day or evening of music or entertainment. Perhaps the most well-known annual festival is the famous Swan Valley Wine Show, and the Avon Descent river event is often touted as a must-attend if you’re in the area.

A popular option for exploring Swan Valley is taking an upriver cruise and drinking in the views across glacial waters — while drinking some of the region’s finest, of course! Another great way to plan your journey is to follow the famous Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail. Spanning most of the top wineries, breweries, restaurants, cafés and galleries in the area, taking the Trail ensures you’ll get the most out of the area without missing anything vital out.

Most wineries are open seven days a week, all year round, and the varieties Swan Valley is most famous for are speciality whites, full-bodied reds and fortified wines.

The Pinnacles

Strangely-shaped rock formations - the Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park.

The limestone rock formations known as the Pinnacles

Nambung National Park, located a few hours north of Perth, is true desert country – and it’s where you’ll find the Pinnacles. Eerie, ancient rock spires jut out high above yellow sand dunes and, adding to the strangeness of the view, the deep blue Indian Ocean sweeps the horizon. You’ll never see anything like it anywhere else in the world, and though it’s a long drive it’s well worth the trip. Pack the rental car for a few days, book some accommodation, and head off on the desert adventure of a lifetime. Even the drive there’s a spectacular experience as you follow the winding coast road and watch the vast expanses of sand creep into view.

The pillars of the Pinnacles stretch as far as the eye can see — thousands upon thousands of alien-like spikes poking up like twisted needles. Some are up to four metres high, some have wickedly sharp-looking points, and some are short rounded domes that look eerily similar to tombstones. However, the land surrounding the pinnacles is anything but dead — desert it may be, but wild emus race across the sand and galahs swoop and wheel overhead.

The structures that make up the Pinnacles are formed from shells, dating back millions of years to a time when the desert was covered by the sea. There’s plenty of information on hand at the interpretive discovery centre, showing how the Pinnacles were formed and what sort of animals inhabit the surrounding desert. If you’re keen to meet some kangaroos, drive an easy 8 kilometres from the park entrance and you’ll find the aptly named Kangaroo Point. The best time to see a kangaroo is at dawn and dusk, but even if you have no luck on the kangaroo-spotting hunt the desert sunset is breathtaking to behold. Visit between August and October, and you’ll have an additional visual delight to sample — the park comes alive with the vivid colours of swathes of seasonal wildflowers.

Strangely enough, because the park is ringed by the Indian Ocean, a day at the Pinnacles can also include time in the water. Fish from Thirsty Point Lookout and see if you can catch dinner, or snorkel in the clear waters of Hangover Bay and simply see what you can see. Coral, dolphins and even sea lions are common in the waters, so anything’s possible!

The best place to base yourself for a few days while checking out the Pinnacles is Cervantes — a small crayfishing town with multiple accommodation options. With white sand, a relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of fresh crayfish to enjoy you’ll be very glad you made the drive.

Last Updated on November 9, 2023